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Canadian Institute of Actuaries

Helping Canadians face the future with confidence.

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Frequently Asked CPD Questions

The Institute

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) is the sole qualifying and governing body of the actuarial profession in Canada. With a legacy of excellence, we are dedicated to shaping the future of actuarial science to improve lives in Canada and across the globe.

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The Profession

Actuaries are guardians of the public interest and play a crucial role in making sound financial decisions in Canada and beyond. We adhere to rigorous ethical standards, ensuring that our work prioritizes the welfare of individuals, businesses and society as a whole.

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Becoming a member

Our members, both Associates (ACIAs) and Fellows (FCIAs) of the CIA, are exceptional, distinguished professionals who excel in the field of actuarial science. There are diverse pathways to achieve these qualifications, opening the doors to a world of expertise and ethical commitment.

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